As the Electricity System Operator for Great Britain, National Grid ESO (NGESO) manages the connection and generation contracts that impact on the transmission system. We work closely with Transmission Owners (TOs) to support customer connections.

In this section, we’ve got everything you need to understand the connections process. Including what you need to do to connect to, or make use of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

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connect offer process guide

Connections offer process

Our step-by-step guide takes you through the entire connections offer process, from pre-application to contract signature. You’ll also find links to more information that will help you submit an application.

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manage your connection journey

Managing your Connections journey

This high level guide covers your connection process from start to finish. From your application, to changes to your contract, compliance and commissioning, and finally connection or disconnection.

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Connection publications

Download the latest registers below. Alternatively, visit our publications page for more reports and relevant documents.


Download the TEC Register

A list of projects that hold contracts for Transmission Entry Capacity (TEC) with us. These include both existing and future projects at both transmission and distribution level.


Download the Embedded Register

A list of connected, or contracted to connect, embedded generation projects in Scotland.


Download the Interconnector Register

A list of interconnector projects that hold connection contracts with us. These include active and future interconnector projects.

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Contact the Connections team

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Looking for domestic Connections?

We don’t connect directly to homes or other domestic properties. You can find out more about domestic connections here.