Electricity connection charges

Connection Charges recover the cost of installing and maintaining connection assets which connect individual users to the GB Transmission Network.

Who does this charge apply to?

✓ Generators
✕ Suppliers
✓ Directly connected transmission demand
✓ Distribution Network Operators
✓ Embedded Generators
✓ Interconnectors

The connection charge is calculated annually.

It consists of a capital component and a non-capital component.

Charges are published in January for each user and take effect from 1 April each year.


Understanding the electricity connection charges


Guide to connection charging (PDF)

Download our short guide to help you understand connection charging


Charge Modeller (XLS)

The charge modeller provides an indicative cost for the annual connection charge for new assets being installed, and allows you to create hypothetical scenarios on various factors


Application Fee Calculator (XLS)

The application fee calculator calculates the cost of an application fee based on the location of the connection, size of connection and offer type.


Connections information

If you want a new connection or already have a connection to the system that you would like to modify, please refer to our connections page.

Visit the Connections page


Additional help and support


Charging guidance

Access a range of guidance materials to help you understand how, when and what you’ll be charged.


Connection Charges enquiries

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