Charges and payments explained

Find out where Settlements sits within the provider journey, the impact of changes in service and billing data to the settlement process, and how to understand backing data.

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Understanding payments

Understanding backing data

The documents below give further information about backing data:

Ancillary Services Information

Ancillary Services Backing Reports Guide

Validating payments

Each month we will send reports to service providers to allow them to validate payments as quickly and as easily as possible.

Preliminary statements and payment estimates

A preliminary statement of the ancillary services and a payment estimate for these services are both issued by the eighth business day of the month after the service has been provided. 

Final statements and self-bill invoices

A final statement for each ancillary service, along with the self-bill invoices, is issued by the eighteenth business day of the month following the provision of the service.

Understanding system use charges


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