Super SEL

Super SEL is utilised to directly decrease the sum of the minimum MW level or Stable Export Limit (SEL) of generators synchronized to the system by lowering the minimum generating level at a generator synchronised.

August 2020 - We are now publishing Super SEL instruction information on our data portal.

15 April 2020 - To help meet the footroom requirement for this summer, we are looking to agree Super SEL contracts with interested providers.
Further information can be found in the guidance document on this page, or by contacting [email protected].

Providing the service

The service is open to Balancing Mechanism participants who can meet the minimum technical requirement. Super SEL service does not require a change in energy output of the generation, it is to give access to a reduced minimum active power level. Super SEL contract enactment will be a through a trading instruction. Dispatch will be via the Balancing Mechanism to reduce output to the new lower SEL if required.