Obligatory reactive power service (ORPS)

The obligatory reactive power service (ORPS) is the provision of varying reactive power output. At any given output generators may be requested to produce or absorb reactive power to help manage system voltages close to its point of connection. All generators covered by the requirements of the Grid Code are required to have the capability to provide reactive power.


ORPS can be provided alongside other balancing services.

We make sure reactive power is provided locally to meet the constantly varying needs of the system, and that there are sufficient reactive power reserves available to meet contingencies.

Generally, all power stations connected to the transmission network with a generation capacity of over 50MW are required to have the capability to provide this service, as set out in the Grid Code CC 6.3.2.

Enhanced reactive power service (ERPS)

Generators who can provide reactive power over and above the Grid Code requirements may also choose to participate in ERPS.

The enhanced service may also be of interest to owners or operators of plant or apparatus that can generate or absorb reactive power but isn't required to provide the ORPS.