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What is electricity?
At the ESO, we love all things electricity. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what electricity actually is?

Put simply, electricity is a form of energy that can be produced in different ways to provide power for things to work.  

At the ESO, we operate the flow of electricity all over Great Britain. We make sure that the right amount of electricity gets to the right places so that people can use electricity when they need it.  

We don’t generate electricity ourselves. We get electricity from producers like wind farms, solar farms and coal plants. Electricity is then transported through the transmission network, balancing supply and demand second by second, 24/7. 

Think of it like a network of roads and motorways. High voltage electricity runs up and down the UK on the transmission networks (the motorways) while Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) provide the local cables (A roads) to take the electricity to our homes and businesses. 

Sounds simple? Not quite. But we’ll make it easy to understand in this section of Electricity Explained.