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Ancillary services

Data on services that balance demand and supply including Fast Reserve, Firm Frequency Response…

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Balancing costs

Data on forecast and historic balancing costs, including BSUoS and Balancing Services charging…

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Carbon intensity

Data providing an indicative trend of regional and national carbon intensity of the GB…

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Connection registers

Data showing the latest contracted position, published twice weekly.

Constraint management

Data on historic costs and forecast constraint volumes. Required when the system is unable to…

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Data Portal changes and known issues

Refer to this area for any upcoming changes to the ESO Data Portal along with any known issues…

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Forecast and historic data for demand, interconnectors, pump storage, and wind and solar…

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Demand Flexibility Service

Data for our test and live DFS events. This is a new service giving extra flexibility during…

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FES: Pathways to Net Zero

Data on a range of different ways to de-carbonise and shape the future energy system, working…

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Forecast volumes and cost for reserve margin, wind generation, and generation by fuel type.


Data relating to operational restrictions limiting interconnector flows connected to GB.

Network charges

TNUoS tariffs and publications associated with TNUoS revenue and charges.


System-wide data including historic system frequency data.


We trade power exchange, forward energy, and balancing contracts to meet forecast energy needs,…

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