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GC0118: Modification to the Grid Code to accommodate the recent Distribution Code modification to Engineering Recommendation P28 –Voltage fluctuations and the connection of disturbing equipment to transmission systems and distribution networks in the UK

Modification status: Concluded

Last updated: 7 August 2019

This modification was raised by:

David Spillett on behalf od Distribution Network Licenses on 10 July 2018

Purpose of Modification:

The purpose of this modification is to ensure the Grid Code implements the proposed changes as set out in the revised Engineering Recommendation P28 Issue 2 (2018) (subsequently referred to as EREC P28 Issue 2).

The governance route for this modification is:


The impact of this modification is on:

Generators, DC Convertor Station Owners, New Developers, Any user connected to the National Electricity Transmission System.

The modification is currently at: