Consultation on EBGL Article 26: Requirements for specific products

When: 17 May 2019, All day

Service Area: Codes

Category: Consultation

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What is Article 26?

The Electricity Balancing Guideline (EBGL) introduces standard European balancing products as a means to create a pan-European balancing market. Exchange of the Replacement Reserves (RR) product is being facilitated through project TERRE, and the manual Frequency Restoration Reserves product will be delivered by the MARI project.
Article 26.1 of the EBGL means that if TSOs wish to continue using any other Balancing Services over and above these standard products, they must be defined and justified in a proposal. Our existing products and services have been mapped against the standard product types, and this mapping can be found in Annex 4 of the GC0114 modification report
. Specific products must be approved by the regulator at the time that the European standard equivalent goes live in order for them to continue to be used.

Where can I find out more?

To find out more, please listen to our podcast by clicking here. You can also access the slides from the podcast at the bottom of the page (note: you will need to do this in order to access the hyperlinks referenced in the podcast recording)


The consultation for Article 26 has now closed, and the final proposal has been submitted to Ofgem for decision. The final proposal can be found in the documents section below, along with stakeholder feedback to the consultation.