Consultation on amended proposal for EBGL Article 18: Terms and Conditions for BSPs and BRPs

When: 28 February 2019

Service Area: Codes

Category: Consultation

The consultation on the amended proposal Article 18 of the Electricity Balancing Guideline (EBGL) is now open.

What does Article 18 of the EBGL say?

Article 18 of the EBGL requires the TSO to develop a proposal for the Terms and Conditions (Ts and Cs) for Balance Responsible Parties (BSPs) and Balance Responsible Parties (BRPs).

Why has the proposal been amended?

On 4 February 2019, Ofgem issued a request for amendment to the original proposal for Ts and Cs. This request means that NGESO have two months to respond with an updated proposal based on the feedback in Ofgem’s letter. Within this time, NGESO must also consult on the updated proposal for one month.

How can I respond to the consultation?

The consultation has now closed and the final proposal was submitted to Ofgem for decision on 4 April 2019. We expect a decision from Ofgem by 4 June 2019. The final version of the proposal can be found below.


Watch the A18 amended proposal webinar.