Connecting You to the Connection Codes: A Video Series

When: 27 July 2018

Service Area: Codes

Category: Meeting

National Grid has launched its European Network Codes Communication Plan – one place for you to find out how you can learn about, shape and manage the European Network Code implementation in GB. The events have been designed to cut through the complexity involved with the Network Codes by setting up a series of webinars and podcasts to provide clarity and awareness of the work being conducted across National Grid.


There will be a series of seven videos published throughout July and August focusing solely on the European Connection Codes: Requirements for Generators (RfG), High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), and the Demand Connection Code (DCC). This introductory video briefly explains what the Connection Codes are, who they affect and what the series of videos will cover.


Introduction to European Connection Codes

The following videos ('What I Need to Do') are mainly aimed at parties connecting to the transmission system and entering into connection agreements with National Grid and set out how to establish if you are required to comply with the European Connection Codes.

HDVC: What I Need to Do  
RfG: What I Need to Do
DCC: What I Need to Do 

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