CUSC Panel Meeting 23 February 2018

When: 23 February 2018, 10:00am  –  2:00pm

Where: National Grid House, Warwick

Service Area: Codes

Category: Panel meeting

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CUSC Panel Agenda- 23 February 2018 v1
Plan on a Page- February 2018 v1
CMP288’ Explicit Charging Arrangements for Customer Delays’
CMP289’ Consequential change to support the introduction of explicit charging arrangements for customer delays and backfeeds via CMP288’
CMP290’ ‘Housekeeping change to CUSC Section 14 required as a result of the implementation of CMP264, CMP265, CMP268 and CMP282 on 1st April 2018 to rectify minor typographical errors, correct formatting and consistency and to update/remove paragraph nu
CMP291’ The open, transparent, non discriminatory and timely publication of the harmonised rules for grid connection (in accordance with the RfG, DCC and HVDC) and the harmonised rules on system operation (in accordance with the SOGL) set out within the
CMP292’ Introducing a Section 8 cut-off date for changes to the Charging Methodologies.’
CMP292 Section 8 draft legal text changes
CMP290 Track marked CUSC Section 14
CMP290 Baseline CUSC Section 14
Ofgem Innovation Link Presentation
CMP288&CMP289 Proposers Presentation for CUSC Panel
CMP290 Proposers Presentation for CUSC Panel
CMP291 Proposers Presentation for CUSC Panel
CMP292 Proposers Presentation for CUSC Panel
CUSC Panel Headline Report- 23 February 2018