Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges

TNUoS charges recover the cost of installing and maintaining the transmission system in England, Wales, Scotland and Offshore.


How am I charged?

Generators are charged according to TEC (Transmission Entry Capacity). Suppliers are charged based on actual demand.

All tariffs are based on which geographical zone Users are connected to.

TNUoS tariffs are published annually by 31 January and take effect from 1 April each year. 

Check out our materials below and for more information on TNUoS and our other charges go to our guidance page.

TNUoS for new suppliers   TNUoS for generators 

TNUoS charging and billing timeline


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TNUoS tariffs 

Dates of our next publications and webinars


When we publish our forecasts and five-year views of tariffs, we are committed to holding webinars to talk through the documents and take your questions. Below is a table of recent and upcoming webinars. 


TNUoS Tariff Report

Date of Publication

Date of Webinar

Webinar Links

2019/20 Final Tariffs

End of January 2019

Wednesday 6 February 10:30-11:30am

Play recording
2020/21 - 2024/25 5 Year ViewEnd of March 2019Thursday 4 April 13:30-14:30pmWebinar and slides
2020/21 Quarterly ForecastEnd of July 2019Thursday 8 August 10:30-11:30amWebinar and slides
2020/21 Draft TariffsEnd of November 2019Thursday 5 December 10:30-11:30amWebinar and slides
2020/21 Final TariffsEnd of January 2020Thursday 6 February 2020 10:30-11:30amWebinar and slides - coming soon
2021/22 - 2025/26 5 Year View   


TNUoS tariffs and notifications of changes

The documents below contain the TNUoS tariff forecasts and notifications of tariff changes.

Updates for next year's tariffs are published quarterly in accordance with the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC).

Updates for the next five years’ tariffs are published annually. 

Three National Grid workers assessing a number of display screens

Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charges

BSUoS recovers the cost of day-to-day operation of the transmission system. These charges apply to suppliers and generators.

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Two National Grid representatives looking at a span of computer screens

Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) Tariff Model

TNUoS recovers the cost of installing and maintaining the transmission system. These charges apply to suppliers and generators.

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