Power Responsive Summer Event 2022

When: 13 July 2022, 10:30  –  20:00

Where: 1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London, EC3R 6DX

Service Area: Balancing services

Category: Events and webinars

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This year the Power Responsive Summer Event will play host to expert speakers and exhibitors from across the energy industry including BEIS, Ofgem, National Grid ESO, DNO's, Aggregators, Consultants and Investors.

The days focus will be on market revenue opportunities and how demand side flexibility (DSF) can contribute to reducing consumer energy costs whilst maintaining security of supply.

There will also be exhibitor stands throughout the venue hosted by various energy industry businesses who would love to talk to you about exciting opportunities including National Grid ESO who will also be there to answer any questions you may have about their markets and services

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