We trade power exchange contracts, forward energy, and balancing contracts to meet forecast energy requirements. All trading is in advance of the balancing mechanism.

Trades and contracts

Providers can offer other balancing services outside of delivering trades.

Power exchange trades

Power exchanges are electronic trade matching systems where participants enter prices at which they are prepared to buy or sell electricity.

Any market participant with authorised access to enter the power exchange via electronic platforms can provide this service.

Forward trades

Forward trades are bilateral contracts negotiated between counter-parties. They can be tailored to suit the requirements of the individual parties.

Any trader who has the necessary licences and resources to be included in a trading mandate can provide this service. A Grid Trade Master Agreement (GTMA) is required to manage the trading relationship between ourselves and counter-parties.

Balancing contracts

Balancing contracts are agreements for services that are procured to balance and secure the system. 

Any counter-party that is able to provide the required service can do so.

Trading data

To find data for forward contracts, please go to our forward contracts data feed (part of BSAD).

Delivery and payment

Different system requirements are negotiated during the trading activity.

Delivery is required for the agreed settlement periods identified during the trading activity to satisfy the physical requirement.

Under the System Operator Licence, we can only trade for a physical requirement. We will contact potential providers who are able to deliver the service once the requirements are identified.

Payments are made on the 10th working day via BACS or CHAPs upon submission of valid invoices.

We will pay providers the netted amount of purchases and sales.

Requirements for trading

In order to deliver specific balancing services, potential providers should either enter a contract negotiation or agree to a Grid Trade Master Agreement and have an account with a UK-registered bank. They must also have either sufficient credit rating or a letter of credit.

For power exchange trading, please contact the relevant power exchange.