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In April 2019, the Electricity System Operator is becoming a separate company within the National Grid Group. Find out more about what this change will mean.

Transmission constraint management

Constraint management is required where the electricity transmission system is unable to transmit power to the location of demand, due to congestion at one or more parts of the transmission network. Here you can find out how to provide this service.

Constraint management requirements are identified based on a specific network need.

We will outline the specific technical requirements for each service when a condition is identified.

These could be:

  • specific service times and dates;
  • MW output; or
  • ramp rates and reactive capabilities.

The exact way in which a constraint is managed depends on a number of factors, including:

  • the nature of the flows on the transmission system;
  • the duration of the requirement;
  • the local level of generation output; and
  • local level of system demand.

This means that each required service must fulfill a specific requirement stated in the tender.

In general, this means that services must be provided in a particular location, i.e. only certain potential providers will have the required technical capability to provide the service.