Black Start

Black Start is the procedure we use to restore power in the event of a total or partial shutdown of the national electricity transmission system.

04.02.20 Please note we have published our Black Start Strategy and Procurement Methodology for consultation until 4th March 2020. Please review the Methodologies content below.

Not all payments will be applicable as some depend on the type, age and status of the generating unit.

Availability payment (£/settlement period) – a payment for being available to provide black start services.

Exercise price (£/MWh) – an agreed amount paid by us for a black start test. The amount paid includes the exercise price and the metered output of the unit during the test.

Contribution sums – these payments are available to new or refurbishing plant only. Where the installation or refurbishment of capital assets at a power station would return a valuable black start service, we may choose to contribute towards the provider’s costs. This may be in the form of profiled (staged) or upfront payments, all supported by valid invoices.

We reserve the right to request further evidence to verify that the works have been completed.