Firm frequency response (FFR)

FFR creates a route to market for providers whose services may otherwise be inaccessible. The FFR service gives us and service providers both a degree of stability against price uncertainty under the mandatory service arrangements.

FFR providers must:

  • have suitable operational metering;
  • pass the FFR pre-qualification assessment;
  • deliver minimum 1MW response energy;
  • operate at their tendered level of demand/generation when instructed (in order to achieve the tendered frequency response capability);
  • have the capability to operate (when instructed) in a frequency sensitive mode for dynamic response, or change their MW level via automatic relay for non-dynamic response;
  • communicate via an automatic logging device;¬†and
  • be able to instruct and receive via a single point of contact and control where a single FFR unit comprises of two or more sites located at the same premises.