Firm frequency response (FFR)

FFR creates a route to market for providers whose services may otherwise be inaccessible. The FFR service gives us and service providers both a degree of stability against price uncertainty under the mandatory service arrangements.

FFR market information and tender reports

Please not that from TR136 the FFR Post Tender Reports and Market Information Reports will be published on the ESO data portal

Post Tender Reports

Market Information Reports

Weekly Auction Trial

(21/11/2019) Please be aware that the buy order hash for this week's auction is: 2b c9 0c 2d 82 c0 2a ac fb 55 b9 74 06 37 0d 74 1c 48 ba bb ef b8 72 9c b0 0a b1 d6 8d 1e e3 a7

EFR Market Informtion Report