We are a separate company

On 1 April the Electricity System Operator became a legally separate company within the National Grid Group. Find out more about what this change means.

Firm frequency response (FFR)

FFR creates a route to market for providers whose services may otherwise be inaccessible. The FFR service gives us and service providers both a degree of stability against price uncertainty under the mandatory service arrangements.

FFR market information and tender reports

Weekly Auction Trial

Please be aware that as a result of a systems issue with the frequency response auction algorithm, the auction due to be held on 18/7/2019 has been cancelled pursuant to paragraph 11.1.3 of the Auction Rules.  We apologise for this, and are working to ensure that a fix is implemented and tested in time for the auction due to be held on 25/7/19.  For more information, please contact your account manager, or the team at [email protected].