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Firm frequency response (FFR)

FFR creates a route to market for providers whose services may otherwise be inaccessible. The FFR service gives us and service providers both a degree of stability against price uncertainty under the mandatory service arrangements.

Types of payment structure

    Availability fee

    Paid per hour (£/hr) - for the hours for which a provider has tendered to make the service available for.

    Window initiation fee

    Window initiation fee (£/window) - for each FFR nominated window that we instruct within the tendered frames.

    Nomination fee

    Nomination fee (£/hr) - a holding fee for each hour used within FFR nominated windows.

    Tendered window revision fee

    Tendered window revision fee (£/hr) - we notify providers of window nominations in advance and, if the provider allows, this payment is payable if we subsequently revise this nomination.

    Response energy fee

    Response energy fee (£/MWh) - based upon the actual response energy provided in the nominated window.

    • As per CUSC section for BMU Providers.
    • Tendered parameter for Non-BMU Providers.

    Utilisation volumes will be determined in accordance with system frequency and the characteristic of the response service.