Meet the NGESO Board

The National Grid Electricity System Operator has announced the membership of its new Board of Directors in advance of it beginning to operate as a legally separate business, within the National Grid Group, from 1st April 2019.

The new Board will have a crucial role in overseeing the Electricity System Operator as it evolves and engages in the transformation of the energy market. Day-to-day operations will be the responsibility of a management committee, leaving the Board to focus on key areas including setting out and delivering the long-term business strategy, objectives and plan.

As agreed with Ofgem, the Board will be chaired by the Director of the System Operator and includes three Independent Non-Executive Directors along with three additional members appointed from within the National Grid System Operator business.

Director of the Electricity System Operator

Fintan Slye

Independent Non Executive Director

Hannah Nixon

Independent Non Executive Director

Gillian Merron

Independent Non Executive Director

Paul Plummer

Operations Director

Duncan Burt

Strategy & Regulation Director

Kayte O’Neill

Finance Director

Claire Tuckman