We are the Electricity System Operator (ESO) for the National Electricity Transmission System in Great Britain. We are incentivised by Ofgem to do this role to deliver outcomes that benefit the consumer and industry.

2018-21 regulatory framework for the ESO

ESO Forward Plan

This is central to the incentive framework and you can access it here. It is our plan for the outcomes we are going to deliver to benefit to consumers and industry both now and in the future. It sets out the deliverables we anticipate and the metrics to measure the outcomes. This plan is informed by our engagement with stakeholders.

Roles and Principles

Ofgem have published their guidance on the Role and Principles for the ESO. Our performance will be measured against how we have delivered against these. 

Assessing Performance

During the year, we will monitor performance and produce reports to show the progress that has been made on a monthly, quarterly, mid-year, and annual basis.

At mid-year and end of year a performance panel will evaluate the ESO’s performance using 5 focus areas:

  1. evidence of delivered benefits
  2. evidence of future benefits/progress against longer-term initiatives
  3. stakeholder views
  4. plan delivery
  5. outturn performance metrics and justifications